Welcome to the Voice of Truth Blog! Today We Discuss the Freedom Convoy

Welcome to the first Voice of Truth blog post. We’re excited you are here. These past two years have been full of troubling headlines: politicians with dark motives, recurring lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and cancel culture silencing truth speakers on social media. However, we have seen bravery and strength in our fellow humans through it all.

The Freedom Convoy, which began in Canada and is now rumored to be heading for Washington D.C., is the latest example of people angry about government control and motivated enough to act. March for Life was another source of encouragement for many Americans.

While headlines shriek Covid-19 statistics, protests and brutality in Australia, and vaccine mandates, events like March for Life and the Freedom Convoy remind us what America and freedom-lovers everywhere believe. Freedom is worth the fight.

The Freedom Convoy

Some of you may be asking, what is the Freedom Convoy? The convoy is a long line of tractor-trailer truck drivers; in this case, hundreds. The Freedom Convoy movement started in Canada to protest the vaccine mandates. The mandates affect the truckers directly because they cannot drive across the U.S./Canada border unless they show proof of vaccination. Truckers who have declined the shot cannot cross.

Breitbart News reported, “Over the past week, hundreds of truckers drove across the country to converge on the [Canadian] capital to protest vaccine mandates for truckers crossing the U.S-Canada border. They were cheered along the way by supporters, and have protested peacefully.”

This movement represents what the name says – freedom and anti-mandate beliefs, but detractors are angry the truckers are speaking out and backing their words with the full force of powerful actions. Their actions did indeed speak louder than words. According to Breitbart News, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement calling the Freedom Convoy and its supporters “racist.”

Despite the negative reactions to this powerful movement, many Americans can find deep inspiration and hope in a convoy from Canada. It appears the Freedom Convoy is inspiring similar actions in other countries, including America, where it will arrive within days. Citizens worldwide who have endured two years of tyrannical lockdowns and fear-mongering are now standing up.

Australians have experienced total lockdowns and draconian measures well beyond what Americans have endured. Australia is still in complete lockdown, with police taking action against protestors. The country has imposed a two-block lockdown zone citizens must observe around their homes. Hundreds have been arrested, some merely for taking their pets outside. Aussies are fed up.

Writing for Breitbart, John Hayward described a similar convoy protest: “Australian truckers used social media over the weekend to plan their own ‘Freedom Convoy’ similar to the one in Canada, telling supporters they should “swarm to Canberra to protest mandates and restrictions” on Monday.”

Hope is here

Shannon Scholten, Voice of Truth host, often talks about hope and freedom. If you are a Christian, you know Jesus is our source of hope and freedom. The last two years have been a cacophony of troubling events. Christians have relied on their faith to get through these times of loss, change, control, and bullying.

Humanity strives for temporary relief – hope and freedom from injunctions, mandates, and political injustice. Jesus offers hope and freedom for eternity. Because Jesus died for our sins as the ultimate sacrifice, we now have ultimate freedom from our sins.

We can see a correlation in the Freedom Convoy. The truckers stood up against government leaders forcing mandates on citizens. Jesus stood up against the controlling Pharisees, the religious rulers of His time. Even though our future may look bleak some days, we must remember that through Jesus, we can receive true, everlasting hope and freedom. We must also never forget that humanity can surprise us by using powerful methods, like protesting with a truck parade to emulate hope and freedom when both seem lost.

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